Ajax post filtering block

Provide an ajax post filtering for post queries that allows the user to select a specific taxonomy or custom variable.

Hi, Is there any estimated time for this block? I have to redesign my oxygen website their support is very horrible. :worried:

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+1 from me here.
Hope that all these features which were planned to be released with the WC integration won’t be postponed until the WC update has been released.

This will be released (in beta) with the whole Query block move towards client-side processing, which will gives us so many more possibilities if we want to provide full control over range sliders, selectors etc… This isn’t a small thing and represents quite a lot of work.
I’m pushing for the beginning of next month, but that’s not a promise :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:


Are you considering providing with some sort of map filtering? The use case would be to filter post by location on archive pages, a bit like airbnb would do for example.

Ex: displaying list of post “cafés in Paris” and on top a map with all the entries on that page.

Hi @A375929,

Yes I see exactly what you mean. This won’t be part of the first release but is part of the plan, and shouldn’t be too hard to put together once the filter block is out. :+1:


Nice to hear, can’t wait for this to go live !
In the meantime, I’m implementing with this : Créer une carte de tous ses articles avec Leaflet et wordpress - Copier coller and ACF for location field.

What would be a cool feature for this map filtering is a geoloc function to display posts based on a selected radius (ie : 20km from user’s position).

see : Proximity | FacetWP

Hey guys,

Is this still on the roadmap?

@A375929 Are you referring to the proximity filtering? Ajax post filtering is possible with the filters block.