Additional classes drop-down

Sort the drop-down list in alphabetical order.

Hi @weedor,

Thanks for the suggestion.
Indeed, this would be a nice way to represent them while quickly searching through them.

Also, you can search the Additional Classes by inputting the first few letters of what you are searching for.

This could be a feature request in its own right, but would it be possible for Cwicly to scan global stylesheets and load all the selectors referenced to make them searchable in the Additional Classes input?

I type my custom classes out each time, but it would be good to see suggestions as I am typing.

Thoughts? I can add as a separate feature request and we can discuss.

Hi there @owynter,

This would be great to see in another feature request as I can see quite a lot of potential with this idea.
We have thought about it, but nothing serious.

This could also be extremely useful in a team/client setup.

It might require an extra bit of markup from the stylesheet creator (like a comment) so that we know what you want listed etc…

But certainly something we are looking at!

Great. I’ll add it separately. It could even be a situation where we load our custom selectors in a plain text, or comma-separated list (whatever works best), just so that we have them at hand when it comes time to add in the builder.


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