Add system font stack option for better performance

Since you will be re-doing how Cwicly handles fonts, please consider adding the ability to use system fonts. There would be performance advantages since no download time is required.

“System fonts are Free, look pretty darn good as they match the OS, and no download time required! They are used by Weather dot com, GitHub, Bootstrap, Medium, Ghost, Booking dot com, PubMed, and even your WordPress dashboard.”

“system font stack was about 6% faster than using Google fonts”

Info from Moving to a system font stack in WordPress (how and why)

I’m guessing you’re not so much into webdesign and themes :wink:
You say Cwicly will re-do its font system.
I’d like to know about that if there is something written on that topic.
edit : found it here : Custom Fonts from Media library - #2 by Louis

I’ve been “guilty” of this … using system fonts. Its probably developers who do this the most, like using text only email :slight_smile:

@YYstephens - I’ve defined system fonts using a global stylesheet.