Add pictures to ACF Gallery while editing site - where?

I wonder, where (or how) to fill the dynamic Gallery via ACF. I followed the steps in the documentation, but I can not find, where to pull in the pictures.

Hi @Mario,

Might this be what you’re looking for?

Apologies for the documentation, it is currently being worked on to be clearer/more precise.

Please let me know if this helps.

I followed the instructions (well done!) painstakingly, but there is no field (like it shows in video at 8:44) named Gallery on the bottom of my editor window. I guess, I missed something?

Ok great.
May I ask if you’re editing a post or editing a template?


I edit a page, not a template.

Hi @Mario,

Ok. Make sure to set the location for the ACF Field Group to Post Type is equal to Page (so that it appears on your pages too).

Hi @Louis - I knew, I missed something! This was it - thank you.

I knew I have seen this Gallery video somewhere before but it’s missing on the YouTube Channel. I found some other unlisted videos I found useful too like the columns/grid explainer video. Is there a secret Repo of these “yet to be published” tutorials?

Hi Drewcifer! Have a look at the “Playlists” section. You’ll find it here. It is the number 12 in the list currently.

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