Add Modify Component to Navigator context menu

Currently to modify a component we can either click on the editor bar or click on the button in the Component inspector panel.

Since a lot of times we find ourselves working with the Cwicly navigator, it would be optimal to have the same button in there also.

Thank you!

This would be useful when intending to modify the block structure, rather than modifying styles or properties inside the component inspector.

@Louis, Now that the Navigator is ready for prime time, how about adding this useful gem?

@Marius nailed it with this statement, it is exactly why we originally requested it.

When dealing with component structure, this request saves having to constantly switch between one edge of the screen to the other (if for example you have “Top toolbar” switched on and Navigator and Inspector on opposite sides of the screen).

I think this is a very compelling case, especially given the “Create Component” menu item is disabled when a component is selected - it can be kept enabled and changed to “Modify Component” / “Customise Component” instead perhaps.