Add expand/collapse buttons to container blocks


Working on big structures, I often need to collapse or expand a whole container.

Currently, we can expand/collapse the entire structure, but when working at some rather deep level in the structure, it is a pain to reopen containers until we reach the good one.

I think expand/collapse buttons on every container/div block could simplify workflow a lot without overwhelming UI (hover button, like the others).

Thank you!

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Excellent suggestion @yankiara.
Currently, I have to search for the block or even blocks on the canvas and need to click them to expand all the way up.

Extremely useful when working with grids, deeply nested blocks, multiple cards or other identical elements in the same block structure context, like you showcased with the image.

Instead of individual collapse/expand buttons, a toggle might save a spot.

As mentioned in the other thread, I think what we first need, before introducing new stuff to the Navigator items, is the ability to show/hide individual elements/options.

Call me crazy, but isn’t that exactly what the arrows do?

Ha ha, you’re almost crazy, then!

Arrows open or close the block, showing or hiding everything inside, but without altering all wrapped blocks.

Expand/collapse don’t open or close, but toggle 1-depth / full-depth for wrapped blocks.

In the screenshot above, collapsing the container would only show the closed button divs, and expand would show everything expanded.

Would be very handy for instance to focus on a specific part of the page.

Ahhh ok, got it now :slight_smile:

Fold/unfold is now possible as of 1.4.1:


Hello @Marius,

Thanks for bringing this up.
Moving to done.


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Hi @Louis,

Thanks for this :slight_smile:

I have shortcuts suggestions, though:

  • SHIFT-CLICK on CLOSED block arrow to UNFOLD ALL
  • SHIFT-CLICK on OPEN block arrow to FOLD CHILDREN

Hey @yankiara.

This shortcut is already used for multi-selecting Navigatior items.

Might be worth a feature request though.

Hi @Marius,

This shortcut would work on block ARROW, not on BLOCK itself, so I guess both shortcuts can live together.

Agreed. Indeed a nice proposal.

Already requested! :+1: