Add dummy content (placeholders) when inserting basic blocks

Hi team,

When building sites or mockups or just for testing purpose, it’s very handy to include dummy text in inserted headings, paragraphs, buttons… So that layout can actually look like something real, and you can quickly test color, font, etc.

Maybe an option could activate this and dummy content could be defined in settings for common blocks?
Defaults could be for instance, “Button” for a button, some lorem ipsum for headings and paragraphs.

Even better, do the same with images, with some neutral (gray?) placeholders where you could just set dimensions to build wireframes.

Thx :slight_smile:


Oh, I like that idea.
But seems kind of unflexible in my opinion.

How about something that mimics Emmet’s Lorem Ipsum generator functionality?

This would be the awesome luxurious version :wink:
But in the meantime, some default text would be enough for me, editable in settings for instance.

I’d take that as well, don’t get me wrong :sunglasses:

This is an excellent idea! Me likes! :heart_eyes: