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Duplicate. Add Breakpoint(s)

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This will be awesome, as my site is mostly for designers coming from large screens I would love to make the custom breakpoints for their ends.


I am surprised this has not been implemented. Adding custom breakpoint is accentual. Hopefully it will be prioritised.

Hi @hopscotch,

I can understand your point of view.
We’re waiting for the full integration of the iFrame (next WordPress release) in the Post Editor, which will then allow us to freely manipulate the canvas without having to work on two different environments at the same time.


Ah I see, it’s never that simple I suppose. It’s refreshing to see a dev that engages with his client base. Thank you for your lighting fast reply :grinning:


The Cwicly team, especially @Louis is super quick in responding. Either he’s a vampire or a machine since he never sleeps or stops :rofl:

On a more realistic note, the Cwicly team is completely dependent on whatever the WordPress team, especially Gutenberg, does. So whatever new updates they release, problems they (WP/GB) have or any mistakes/quirks they make, Louis has to deal with that. Not envious of his position. Especially when there are a few people on the forums and Facebook group (and other non-related groups!) readying the pitchforks and torches.

All I can say to the Cwicly team is: Fuerza, amigos! :kissing_heart:

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@penatech It works both ways. Gutenberg also helps by adding features and testing.

I feel a solid ton of Gutenberg issues is gone with upcoming WP 6.2 release which will bundle the latest Gutenberg version and after that Gutenberg team is moving to next phase which will have collaboration features like multiple people can edit the same page at the same time and communicate their changes. So Cwicly will also benefit from these new features and will save the development time on such.

Any update here @Louis ?

@petrbilek, this has been postponed.
Hopefully, it will find its way into WP 6.3

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Hello @petrbilek,

Unfortunately, as @Marius mentions, 6.2 did not include the iFrame feature for the Post Editor.

However, work on custom breakpoints on our side has started and will surely land before 6.3, at least in the Site Editor.


Hi Louis,

Apologies if I’m late to the party here but won’t custom breakpoints in Cwicly be a somewhat essential feature for native Tailwind integration given Tailwind’s mobile-first orientation?

Just curious…



At least a 4th pliable breakpoint would be my number 1 feature request at the moment. I can easily write SCSS instead but I catch myself compromising my design because of the lack of that additional breakpoint.

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Any news with 6.3 already out?

This IFrame feature that did not make it into 6.3 - would this be the same functionality that is seen on the template parts (with drag handles that allow you to resize the preview window)? I thought I had seen a ticket in Gutenberg development a while back that was discussing this potentially being implemented - but I can no longer find it.

So, that means, Custom Breakpoints can only be implemented when WordPress adds the Iframe feature?

It basically means the following:

Alright. Thank you! @Marius

As @bmc38119 pointed out, the iframe didn’t fully make it to 6.3 :frowning:Miscellaneous Editor changes in WordPress 6.3 – Make WordPress Core.

Basically, the Post editor isn’t iframed if blocks with an API < v3 are in use.
All Cwicly blocks and Core blocks are now using v3. This is all fine until you realise that the iframe is cancelled as soon as custom fields / Meta Boxes are in use (i.e. ACF).

Custom breakpoints are planned to come out after the Tailwind integration.



Hello everyone,

Thanks for your suggestions and upvoting this request.

Custom breakpoints have been introduced in 1.3.4.

Walkthrough →
Docs →


Awesome. Thank you @Louis