Add a switch to the navigator that toggles syncing it with the canvas selection

Currently the navigator is not syncing with the selected block in the canvas.

While the priority from my perspective is restoring this behaviour, I was thinking it will be great to be able to turn it on and off occasionally as sometimes you may want to keep the navigator focused on a different block (e.g. for the purpose of selecting, copying and then pasting a block in a different location).

Would you mind sharing a screencast of what you’re experiencing as I cannot reproduce it on my end.


Hi @Louis, apologies for the lack of detail in my original post, it had been a very very long day that lasted more than a day!

Steps to repeat:

  1. I created a minimal test case page by simply adding blocks to the canvas until the Navigator had a vertical scrollbar.
  2. I then selected blocks in the canvas showing they are correctly highlighted in the Navigator
  3. I then selected any of the blocks that are hidden by the scroll overflow in the Navigator - note - the Navigator does not scroll to these blocks
  4. Also, I added new blocks using the Quick Inserter bar into any container not currently visible in the scroll area of the Navigator - note that the Navigator does not scroll to these blocks

In summary, the expected behaviour is that the Navigator will automatically scroll to the selected/added block. The current behaviour is that it does not.

Here is a screen recording:

I constantly run into this myself. I add a block on a page full of content and have to go on an exploration to locate it each time. I try to make certain its within a div with few elements so it can’t go too far. It would be lovely if once you add a block the navigator has it highlighted and in the view port.

Hello @StrangeTech,

Thanks for taking the time to record this and give a step by step, helps me see through your eyes.
I have finally been able to reproduce this on my end.

We will have a fix for this in the next update.

Interesting proposal for toggling the navigator sync. Definitely something to explore and add if it picks up a bit of interest!

Thanks once again.


I hear you totally, this is a very smart request :+1:

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Hi @StrangeTech,

Thank you for sharing this!

With 1.4.1, you can now toggle on/off whether the Navigator scrolls to the block or not from the Navigator settings:

Moving to done.