Add a condition to Show Condition: $GLOBAL

Add a condition to Show condition:
Operator: contains, does not contain, ==, ===, != , < >, >=, <=, true, false
(+) Data

In a code block wrapped with a div, this could avoid to calculate a variable twice:

  1. one for the result in the block
  2. one for the show condition

It could worth earning a lot of time in a query loop with a lot of posts.

I have just introduice the new condition show/hide online and it is is a pain in the ass to wait during refresh of the page.
If the feature I proposed could be added, and so earn half of time to refresh the page, it would bee great.
In the other hand, I tried to find another criteria to show/hide the post in the query, but unfortunally, the only possibility is to recalculate the result.
Thank’s to take care of my request.

In fact, it could be done with a quite basic snippet.
here is the VERY big function with a result that will be used as test show/hide and in calculation.
I wrote the function like this:
function addition() {
$x = 75;
$y = 25;
$GLOBALS[‘z’] = $x + $y;
return true;
z is the result of calculation

‘return true’ is for test Show/Hide (Function return>addition()>true)
then I can use $GLOBALS[‘z’] everywhere with no more calculation.