Active global class indicator

I saw on the livestream today the topic of not being sure when a global class is selected or not.

I know that the highlighted border around the class name is the primary indicator, but maybe giving a subtle background colour to the class field would help in making it more obvious as well?


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It shows the class name in the class field too, but I see how this can be confusing for someone new to Cwicly. I’ve been playing around with it since it was first released to I’ve been there for each iteration and progression, so it’s all muscle memory to me. Maybe, rather than changing anything, Cwicly can create more videos to educate people on how and where to do things. They used to release weekly videos, so I think education can go a long way rather than trying to rework things over and over.

Just like the toolbar block inserter icon. I find myself wanting to yell at my screen when I see people trying to figure out how to add blocks, so it was nice to see it addressed on the live stream today. Stuff like that can go a long way to educate people.

I had this exact same thought when watching the Live Stream. I think Sunny’s solution is great recommendation. It really helps visually notify you that you working within the class. I would go so far as to add the lighter green border (same as the smaller class selection) to make it more noticeable.