ACSS Support!

Hey @Louis
I’ve watched your full video “Going live - Filter block, classes and going free?” On youtube!

Also, I contacted Kevin Geary regarding your email! In his Inner Circle private community! He already replied to your email! It seems he missed it somehow!
And he didn’t hear back from you till now! Would love to see you guys have a conversation!.. Live etc…

If it worked well! We might see ACSS also integrated with cwicly soon! as I hope!

Looking forward!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Kind Regards


Interested to hear more about the integration from both of the developers.

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YES! Would love to see this to succeed!
looking forward!

ACSS already seems to work if you import the stylesheet via functions.php. I only tested it for a little bit, but I find ACSS too limiting at the moment since you can only define a limited number of colors. Also, there aren’t many responsive utility classes, so you have to write a lot of custom classes to do things. Because of this, it seems quicker, for now, to just bypass the framework and write custom CSS and variables myself.

Either way, if you add the stylesheet to functions.php and then copy/paste the entire ACSS stylesheet into the External Classes section of Cwicly, it will generate a list of all the classes that you can pick from the Virtual Classes dropdown.

add_editor_style( ' );

Thank you for sharing this! I really appreciate it!
Saw another topic as well about ACSS integration working partially!
I can’t really debate you here whether about ACSS or Kevin!

I opened this topic mainly to get Louis and Kevin to work together!
I’m interested in good work, Pro platforms, and Great features!
And they both provide these!

Looking forward!

If everything is working fine then I hope Kevin officially introduces ACSS support for Cwicly in an update. It is healthy for Cwicly as Kevin can get more users to Cwicly. How? Many Oxy/Bricks users wanting to switch to Gutenberg can come to Cwicly and it won’t be difficult to replicate their oxy/bricks site when they use the same acss classes all over.

Hey @Louis
Sorry for bothering you again, but it’s 14d!
Do we have any updates? did you manage to cooperate with Kevin Geary? email…etc.
Looking forward to an update from you.


Hi @Kareem,

Is Kevin interested? He does not seem to be interested himself. Cwicly is ready. I think the ball is in Kevin’s court now.

Only thing extra he will need to do is enqueue the acss file in gutenberg editor which is hardly few lines of code. Other than that his plugin already load the acss files on frontend. He can override some of cwicly defaults and wp skip link styling via another css file.

It will hardly take him a day if he is interested in integrating Cwicly. For now you can load the acss stylesheet manually and use it.

Hey @anon32808828

YES, he is Obviously! Kevin is interested in pro platforms in general
Add to this, I’ve contacted Kevin personally
Kevins says according to this

“Never got a response to the email I sent”

I’m one of over 800 members in his private community who always discuss good practices and pro platforms

Ok. I see. Why not invite Kevin to this forum then? Things can speed up. I am sure the email might have been missed by @Louis

Well! this must be pointed to Louis himself
He is the key player here not me

@Kareem Gosh…stop yelling. You are using exclamation mark everywhere…it makes me sick man

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Hi @Kareem,

Thanks for pointing out Kevin’s email.
I’m sure that he’ll take a look at Cwicly when he has more time :wink:

We’re always available to get things started!

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Thank you.
Got your message.

Kind Regards

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You can point this out in a gentle way, and yet you’re not sick, nevertheless thx for this, never noticed it.
I used to type this way, will fix it.

I was able to import the classes from ACSS using WPCodebox. I provided a snip below.

How do you add the main tag and ensure the skip tag goes to the main tag?

Hi @seaj1one,

If you are using a Post Content block to display your content, you should be able to change its tag to main if not already done so.
The skip link additions are then added automatically.

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Hello @Louis

Would I add the post content block to the page or the header template?

Thanks in advance.

@seaj1one Page template

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I’ve given up on trying to get ACSS to work in Cwicly and Kevin (from ACSS) doesn’t seem interested in assisting in the integration. I even asked him if there was anything I could do to help with this and he said no, that there were other things that were more important and that not enough people want this.

In any case, I just created my own mini framework with the stuff I use regularly and will just continue to build on that. It’s not as fancy with a plugin UI, but it’s a simple SCSS file with the variables I use, functions for automating CSS clamp, and mixins for breakpoints, shadows, spacing, etc… Another good thing about this is you can use the Cwicly global colors and insert the CSS variables into the framework effortlessly.

So, for anyone else who might be trying to get a CSS framework to work inside of Gutenberg or Cwicly, I recommend creating your own so you have full control over everything and can customize it based on your own liking.

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