ACF value as link href

My Cwicly installation contains an ACF options page in which global fields are defined such as contact details. We can then use these contact details in several places within the website. All this basically works fine.

The only thing that doesn’t work is to use these contact details as a link href. For example, on the contact page we have a block containing the email address and it would be nice if it was provided with the correct link.

When I choose Action > Contact > Email, the option to get the value dynamically from ACF is missing. Via URL > Dynamic > ACF Field it is possible to call up the correct field, but unfortunately this does not result in a working link. I suspect this is because the input is not a URL.

Hopefully the contact hrefs can be expanded with dynamic ACF values so that we don’t have to do this manually per customer and we can no longer keep it in one central place. I also noticed that the ACF link in a tooltip does not work correctly yet, so if this could be checked that would be great!

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@Louis Could you roughly indicate if and when this could be implemented? It would make our development work much easier.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @GM-Mike,

While we don’t offer a visual way to do this yet, can you try the following?

In your case, since you are inside the email contact action and want the Options page it would be:
{acffield=yourfieldnamehere=option} → as the email value

Please let me know if that helps.


It works! Thank you very much @Louis

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Hi @GM-Mike,

This should now be possible to achieve with the Dynamic Inserter which was introduced in

Please let me know if this is the case on your end.

Hey @Araminta

Think I have the same issue with links after the fix in

Whith this setup:

Have I got the settings correct?


Hi @Jakson,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble.
We’re going to need a bit more info on this one. What isn’t working exactly?


Hey @Louis

So the settings in my previous image are for a link on an icon.

This is the ACF group for the “Options Page”:

And this is the Options Page data:

Have I got this right?


But the links on the front end are rendering as the current post link (not the social links)

Ok, thanks for the details.

Have you set the location to Options?

Ah, no. Looks lie thats it - thanks

Do you need to tel it where the ACF field is if you’ve already done that on previous 2 ACF setting? (ACF Group and ACF Field)

The ACF Group and ACF Field properties don’t hold any location information (as you can have a same group in multiple locations at a given time).

ah yeah, of course.

Thanks dude!