ACF updates exciting

It seems like ACF will go the Metabox route and include a CPT maker as well. CPT-UI will soon not be needed!

I understand this is an ACF thing not a Cwicly thing, per se, but nontheless because it is bundled in, I can reduce plugin hell. Happiness :slight_smile:


Couldn’t trust my eyes when I recently read it.
Who could expect that?
In case it’s fully able to replace CPTUI, then it’s good news.

Yes, we can get rid of another plugin.
But I’m also a big fan of native functionality, so that’s a big plus for me as well.
In my opinion, it’s core functionality, which should’ve been a part for a very long time already.

There are plans to decouple ACF from Cwicly, so there would be an additional plugin, which previously was not required to install and manage, I guess.

To be fair, I had not the best feeling when ACF was acquired recently (again).
But I really like what I’ve seen in the past months, didn’t expect that kind of progress of such a mature tool, especially under the given circumstances.

What I’m missing though, is the FSE compatibility.
Are there any info or news about it?
It’s something which is really needed.

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I have never bothered with CPTUI. It’s easy to create a cpt through your child theme or custom plugin. There are even generators available for such and you just need to paste the snippet.

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CPT by ACF, then, do they offer it to free version users?

@jornes - I think I saw it was to be a pro feature.

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Ah…I see. Thanks, @David !

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ACF extended, used with ACF Pro does it

ACF 6.1 has just been released.
I’m excited for this and hope Cwicly will update it soon.


Yeah me too :slight_smile:

I was constantly switching from ACF to MB in my last projects to find out which one I would keep for good, but with this update and Cwicly’s integration, there is no question anymore.

I guess this answers my question as I am exploring Cwicly still and was wondering how the ACF updates happen since it’s part of Cwicly. Seems like we rely on the Cwicly team to implement and release ACF updates as part of a Cwicly plugin update. I guess that’s a downside since it means ACF fixes and such may be delayed a bit, but I suppose it also means extra testing being done for proper integration with Cwicly, so that’s good.

Hi everyone,

6.1.2 will be included in the next update, which should be tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience on this one.


Hey @Louis.

The native integration of custom post types is a really great addition, especially as ACF is deeply integrated into Cwicly.

First thing I had in mind when I read about it was the upcoming feature/ability to upload entire themes to the design library (which was already teased here and there).

It’s quite easy to export/import ACF data via JSON, but still requires additional/manual steps.

So my question is:
Is it technically possible to upload (selected or all) ACF data to the library and when downloading a design, all ACF data which is attached to it is in right in place then?
I’m really excited for the design library theme update, but have some concerns about the integration of dynamic data via ACF.

Now that we are not dependent on third party solutions anymore to create custom post types, an automated process to export/import ACF field groups, taxonomies and post types would be the absolute dream.