ACF updates exciting

It seems like ACF will go the Metabox route and include a CPT maker as well. CPT-UI will soon not be needed!

I understand this is an ACF thing not a Cwicly thing, per se, but nontheless because it is bundled in, I can reduce plugin hell. Happiness :slight_smile:


Couldn’t trust my eyes when I recently read it.
Who could expect that?
In case it’s fully able to replace CPTUI, then it’s good news.

Yes, we can get rid of another plugin.
But I’m also a big fan of native functionality, so that’s a big plus for me as well.
In my opinion, it’s core functionality, which should’ve been a part for a very long time already.

There are plans to decouple ACF from Cwicly, so there would be an additional plugin, which previously was not required to install and manage, I guess.

To be fair, I had not the best feeling when ACF was acquired recently (again).
But I really like what I’ve seen in the past months, didn’t expect that kind of progress of such a mature tool, especially under the given circumstances.

What I’m missing though, is the FSE compatibility.
Are there any info or news about it?
It’s something which is really needed.

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I have never bothered with CPTUI. It’s easy to create a cpt through your child theme or custom plugin. There are even generators available for such and you just need to paste the snippet.

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CPT by ACF, then, do they offer it to free version users?

@jornes - I think I saw it was to be a pro feature.

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Ah…I see. Thanks, @David !

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