ACF Dynamic Accordion

Label me noob but im struggling to get a dynamic accordion going.

i have an ACF Repeater field - FAQ

i have an ACF post General FAQ.

I have multiple questions and answers.

im trying to show this on the main page of my site, i dont want to create all of this at the bottom of the page, how do i bring these FAQ i created a specific ACF post page for?

the above is using the repeater (i choose acf source - FAQs)

then ive tried query loop - but i dont know what im looking for - i can get the post type, FAQ - but i cant display that content.

im missing something somewhere.

i dont need the post page repeated, all that FAQ is i one page as content.

I think you may have posted the same screenshot twice.


multiple questions and answers this way

Assuming you have set the source of the repeater block to something similar to this:

Screenshot 2024-01-02 at 22.40.34

And assuming that these are defined in the current post/page (and you have saved them):

You should just be able to drop a Heading or Paragraph block into your repeater block with dynamic content like this:

Screenshot 2024-01-02 at 22.49.41

Thank you, got it to work using location