ACF Block and Front-End Rendering

I am wondering if ACF Blocks are currently known not to work with front-end rendering query.

I have been trying to use the filtering functionality for a query and the ACF Blocks render exactly as intended within the editor - but they do not render on the front-end (if front-end rendering is enabled). They render exactly as intended if front-end rendering is disabled.

I know that custom PHP code cannot render via front-end rendering (unless this has been changed) - and thinking maybe ACF Blocks follow the same logic as to why they do not work.

If this is the case, would it be possible to allow them to work?

I have been using ACF Blocks to work around the limitation of custom php code not rendering within a query loop in the editor (except for the first item in the loop) - and creating an ACF Block has seemed to be a good alternative. Hoping they can eventually work with front-end rendering/filtering.