Accuracy of design library/component thumbnails

I meant to bring this up previously, but it’s probably even more important now that we have components.

I find that my design library and component thumbnails rarely look like they do on the page. I haven’t had a chance to pinpoint the exact issue, but in three instances I can see it’s either:

  1. not incorporating the relative style on a section
  2. not incorporating section padding I have set in a global stylesheet
  3. either not incorporating the external class or the CSS in the global stylesheet again

I think it’d be worth the attention to having these thumbnails become a closer match (if possible).


Hello @sunny,

Thanks for bringing this up.

Have you given the 1.3 release of Components a try yet?
This is exactly what we tried doing, as we now generate (when you click the image generation) a singular snapshot of the Component in its current window positioning. This means that width, height etc… will all be based on your current view of the Component.

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Hmm. I noticed one of the sections actually saved more accurately, but two others that I have tried did not:

Here are what the sections look like:

Happy to provide a login if needed.

I do think this also accentuates the need for a larger view of componenets/design library items (Full Page Model for Display of Design Library Contents - #3 by sunny) so it’s easier to see what they look like.

Hi there @sunny,

Thanks for sharing this.
Indeed, this isn’t ideal… Might I ask if you’re generating these when in the Post Editor or Site Editor?


Those were in the Post Editor. I just tried in the Site Editor… and it’s much better, if not perfect!

(I did notice though that nested components don’t have their screenshot taken).


We have fixed this issue in Component preview generation should be a lot more faithful whether on the Post Editor or Site Editor.

Please let us know if you are still experiencing issues once updated.

Best regards,

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