Accordeon "open/closed" hack?

Is there any way to make Accordeon open on desktop and closed on mobile? Maybe some advanced css settings or any hack? :slight_smile:

you can create 2 version of accordion that is for desktop and mobile.

Hi @Audrius,

We don’t currently offer a way to have the accordions open/close depending on the screen size.
This was previously requested by @Jonas here.

Feel free to add your vote and thoughts to that thread.

Nice idea, @kris!

It’s the same as going back 10 years and creating a site for desktop, then for mobile, for tablet etc… One content and a lot of locations to manage it. It’s a solution, but I’d like to avoid it.

well there is a way using javascript.

check the id or class of the accordion item you want to open by default.

and on script file just add

if (window.innerWidth < 700) {

where accItem is the actual accordion item you want to open

the method is in reverse. so you can just put like >700 then remove hidden class and add active so it will open on larger screen than 700

Nice, thank you. :+1: