Ability to re-order templates with the Cwicly Themer

Currently templates are ordered by creation date descending.

While it is sometimes possible to selectively create templates for a project in a decent viewing order, there are usually factors that mean templates of different kinds are created later that may mean the template order does not fit your preferred ordering strategy.

It will be great to be able to either manually order templates within the themer or choose to order them by some other data, such as name or type.

For example, it may be very efficient to show the main page/post template first and then show any overrides for specific pages/posts.

Similarly you may want to order your templates by custom post type and show your archive template, then your single template, then your taxonomy templates.

Having a known order to the templates can significantly increase the speed which you can find the one you are looking for and as it is common to access templates repeatedly, many times during site development, this time saving will really add up and make a difference.

Thank you Cwicly Team!

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