Ability to disable header and footer on a page?

The ability to disable header and footer on a page is typically a feature that is available on a page by page basis (rather creating a template condition on the back-end). On Elementor, it’s selecting a “Elementor Canvas”. On Bricks Builder it’s under the “page settings”.

Let me know if there is a way to do this and if not, could this be something that will be added to the roadmap?


You can achieve something like this with ACF fields and display conditions:

  1. Create ACF fields for hiding the header and footer, for example, select or radio button “Show Header” and “Show Footer” with values “yes” and “no”. Make “yes” the default value so the header and footer appear by default. Display these fields on the desired post type (pages, posts, etc.).
  2. Set conditions for the header and footer to only show when field value is equal to “yes”.

In this way, you can select whether to show or hide the header and footer on every page. I do the same for the sidebar and page title.

You can also achieve that by using the themer and setting some conditions there

I feel like that should be built in! That’s how most other builders do it.

Cwicly has allowed us to do many many things that other builders couldn’t do. One of the biggest advantages of Cwicly is that they have chosen to build upon and enhance the WordPress ecosystem rather than “tack on” something completely different.

Cwicly balances simplicity with flexibility to allow not just headers and footers, but other global page fragments as well.

I can understand the desire for an easy to use, user-friendly and quick way to do this, I think what may be nice is a one-click solution to set-up header and footer ACF fields per page, for websites that will benefit from this approach.