Ability to disable Gutenberg UI modifications

While I think Cwicly makes Gutenberg far more usable, it’d be nice if we had the option to disable certain UI modifications.

+1000 if you could enable/disable based on post type.

Here are a few example scenarios where this would be helpful:

  • I use Newsletter Glue for my newsletter, and the title in the top bar interferes with the Newsletter Glue UI.

  • The post title can be pretty small on posts with long titles

  • For simple blog posts, the Cwicly post header controls can add quite a bit of clutter. I don’t really want to see Cwicly’s library, responsive controls, pseudo classes, scaling, dynamic preview, navigator etc.

Those are all amazing when designing pages, but it’d be nice to have the option to show/hide them when writing blog posts.

Hope that’s helpful!

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Hi @sunny,

Definitely something that needs attention, but also joins Client Control - Restrict Access

An option to quickly remove the Cwicly header changes for a user with access to them is a nice idea, and necessary when doing content work etc…

Thanks for the suggestions, really appreciated.

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I just purchased this, and really dislike the title squished into the top. Is there a way I can remove this and all the other Gutenberg UI modifications completely? My boss will be doing a lot of blogging/writing and she absolutely hates the look of it.

You can using the role editor now :slight_smile:

@Louis congrats on releasing the role editor! Love how granular it is and it instantly makes Cwicly 100x more suitable for client-managed sites.

Since you mentioned this is just the first iteration, I have one suggestion: user-based permissions.

This is something Oxygen has that’s really come in handy for me.

Many of my clients have been proficient enough to be an administrator on the site, but prefer a simpler page builder experience when making edits. It’s also been safer on my side since I usually disable their ability to modify class styling.

This way you can still tailor the perfect UX for your clients, without having to strip them of their Administrator user role.


@sunny Latest update comes with user level control.

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Man. The speed of development is insane.