Ability to add Arbitrary Variants in the Tailwind Pseudos dialog

Currently the Tailwind Pseudos dialog has the full selection of Tailwind supported pseudo prefixes, including the Direct Child * one.

Screenshot 2024-02-17 at 07.04.38

It will be a massive time saver to be able to add Arbitrary Variants in there also, using a free text input.

This will allow us to quickly target descendants using the Cwicly UI without having to type the whole class out manually within the class dialog.

It can work something like this:


Which allows you to add any variants you need to the list and be able to select them whenever you need to.

The benefits of adding this are manifold, the biggest one being the ability to add margins to paragraphs, headings, etc within a post content block from a single place.

Having a dialog similar to the relative style dialog can also add significantly to the usability of constructing variants with nesting:

We will really appreciate this being added, as this is the only way to construct Tailwind class structures to target descendants quickly via the Cwicly UI.

Thank you Cwicly team!

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