A "repeater" to allow to display multiple items in a ACF relationship field

Dear all,

Unless I am unaware of it, there is no visual way to access dynamically multiple posts from a ACF relationship field. I was hopping something similar to the repeater block (which is strictly made for the repeater field, right?) could exist but I can’t find any.

In oxygen (sorry to mention it), I remember a generic repeater that would allow to go through multiple items in order to create various things such as queries, sliders, etc… And I would have used this then to basically create a loop and iteration through all the items of the field content.

Do you plan to have maybe a relationship block that would allow to display the various posts in the relationship in another way than adding a code block and therefore enjoying the marvelous layout possibilities of Cwicly?

I feel like something in order to make full use of ACF relationships in both directions and maybe even bi-directional relationships would be handy and something we could all benefit from as a way to offer curated related content to our visitors.

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Hi @JuGa,

Have you given this a look?

Hi @Louis
No, I have been looking for answers before posting anything (as I always try) but didn’t find that post, thank you, gonna have a look asap and will let you know. Might well just answer all my needs and questions! Thank you for the link!

Thank you that is a pretty nicely done post by @T-low (thank you T-low!!)

But it seems to answer the question of the doctors list, but I was referring to the single doctor case.
I can’t find a way to make it work.

The ACF solution is just a for each loop within the ACF relationship field,
I shouldn’t need to query the post I am currently on, as I have that info as current_id in order to go through iteration in a field that is on that same post, right?
I can make it work using php code and the loop through the ACF field but then I have to code all the display/styling instead of using Cwicly tools.

Do you see what I mean @Louis ?

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Hi @JuGa thank you for the praise :blush:

I am not sure what you are exactly looking for… but this might help?

DALE: Display A Single Doctor

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Oh! nice! thank you! It makes sense, I’ll try to implement it later…
Thank you @T-low and thank you for taking the time to make these tutorials!

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