A good block table

The standard block to create a table is quite horrible.
Could you develop another one with a real design capacities: padding, margin, sizing, color, typography, etc.

Just to let you know, you now have the ability to create tables from scratch, just by using Div’s.
The required HTML tags for tables have recently been added to Cwicly.
Soon you will also be able to remove classes and ID’s from blocks to create a clean HTML output.

The only thing that’s missing right now is the ability to either remove the html tag from paragraphs or the option to change the tag to <td>.

But I think it is a legit suggestion, tables are still a thing and with a proper implementation with dedicated options to create tables with a few clicks, why not?

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I think you can set HTML tag to whatever you want simply by rewriting the existing tag.

So I beleive you can change a tag to <td>

You can’t and this is a smart decision in my opinion.
Not everyone will like it but it will prevent one from errors.

Did you mean changing the <p> tag directily to <td> tag?