A couple of quick things

A couple of things I’ve noticed int he recent v1.2 update are:

  1. The save option was removed from the Global Styles and Global Class area and now trigger a full page update to save. This is fine except sometimes the changes don’t trigger an update. I haven’t figured out any specifics that cause this, but noticed it in some of my testing.

  2. I have a .section global class where I set all of my default section styling (via relative styling), which doesn’t seem to kick in when I add the global class. When I add the class, it makes the global .section class active in the styling panel and only seems to kick in if I change something. For example, I have to add a background color and then remove it in order for the .section styling to actually appear on the back and frontend. I can elaborate more if this doesn’t make sense.

I think that’s all I have for now.

Environment info

  • WordPress version: 6.0.2
  • Cwicly Plugin version: 1.2
  • Cwicly Theme version: 1.0.3
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Hello @msguerra74,

Sorry for not responding to this.

  1. Are you still experiencing this issue? We’ve tried reproducing this on our side, but can’t seem to see a moment when the update notice isn’t triggered. If there is a specific pattern you still have trouble with, I’d be grateful to know which one it is exactly.

  2. Are you still experiencing this?


From what I can tell, things seem to be working better now. The only thing I notice now is when I’m styling global classes and changing breakpoints, the Global Classes tab jumps to the Block Inspector tab. You can click back over to the Global Classes tab to continue setting properties, but if you don’t notice the jump, you may end up styling the selected block rather than the global class.

Hi @msguerra74,

Thanks for the feedback.
Indeed, I’ve experienced this jump from global styles/stylesheets when in the post editor.

Definitely something to fix.

@Lous & @Araminta, all of these points seem to have been fixed.

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