3 header sections with different styles

Hello guys can you help me please, I have a 3 header layout:

  1. home page - header section with have a text white color, white svg logo and background : transparent
  2. About page - text black color, black svg logo and white background color
  3. Blog - text black color, black svg logo and cream background Color

any suggestion or strategy how can i apply this in cwicly on each pages please. :frowning_face:

Hi @cani24,

One clean and easy way to achieve this is to create 3 separate headers in Cwicly Themer > Template parts tab.

This shows one header added - you can add 3 and name them accordingly (e.g. “Header - Home”, “Header - About”, “Header - Blog”, etc)

Then in the Cwicly Themer > Fragments, you can add them in the Header area and apply Page based visibility conditions to them to show them only on those pages:

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hi @StrangeTech thanks for the response let me try that. :smiley: