Please make sure you backup your installation before updating to this latest release. We have added an extra check for the Code block, please make sure to regenerate Blocks HTML to correctly apply the changes on the frontend.

  • Improvement: CWICLY_ACF constant → activate (default)/deactivate the ACF Pro bundled plugin

  • Fix: Add unique identifier to Code block

  • Fix: Border tailwind classes in dark mode were not applying properly

  • Fix: Tailwind border styles → would not replace properly

  • Fix: Flex gap tailwind classes were not applying properly when specifically applied

  • Fix: Ensure that Cwicly Global Colours are correctly formatted when used in Tailwind configuration

  • Fix: Block would crash when styled with Tailwind inside an InnerBlocks block within a Component

  • Fix: When modifying Cwicly Global Colours, update Tailwind colours in colour picker

  • Fix: Remove noreferrer and noopener additions to links when not specifically applied by user