1.3.4 - Custom Breakpoints

Walkthrough :point_right:t2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwS8P1ipKUw

Hello everyone,

I hope those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving had a great time with family.

Very excited to be releasing custom breakpoints in this new version with support for Desktop and Mobile first designs.

This marks another breakthrough in moulding the WordPress editor into a fully capable page builder.

:computer_mouse: The drag visualisation provides a real-time preview, making responsiveness intuitive and flexible.

:straight_ruler: Stay in control with the width presets bar, displaying the current breakpoint, canvas width and explore commonly used screen sizes.

:art: Customise your breakpoints effortlessly with the Breakpoints Manager. Add as many breakpoints as needed.

:tophat: Tokenised breakpoints allow you to dynamically reference your breakpoints in custom CSS. You no longer need to revisit all your custom CSS if you’ve changed your breakpoint sizes: auto magic.

While custom breakpoints were initially planned to be released after the Tailwind integration, we decided to push forward to allow custom Tailwind configurations from the beginning.

We really appreciate your ongoing support and trust in Cwicly.

A special thanks to all users actively reporting bugs and suggesting features on our forum: https://discourse.cwicly.com/

Full changelog :point_right:t2: 1.3.4

Docs :point_right:t2: https://docs.cwicly.com/cwicly/breakpoints

Have a great week!




@Louis, you have done it again. So many amazing features!

This addresses many points that we have been thinking about and wanting but didn’t even mention on the discourse yet.

Very, very grateful for you putting in a flexible base breakpoint, making the custom CSS media queries work with the tokenised breakpoints and dynamically update and for providing such an intuitive and powerful upgrade to the interface with the widths presets bar and showing the various sizes and breakpoints in real-time.

Once again proving that we made the right choice to use Cwicly.


Hello @StrangeTech,

Thank you for the kind words, it means a lot!

I’m thrilled to hear that this update hits the mark on other points too. The team and I can’t wait to get the many more improvements and features planned out there.

It’s a pleasure to have you on board with Cwicly, thanks for being part of this community!

Cheers to an exciting December :crossed_fingers:

@Louis, as @StrangeTech pointed out: You have done it again!

This is really next level stuff, and the attention to detail is really the ice on the cake.

I’ve not been very active as of late, but I just wanted to come here and congratulate you on this milestone. Cwicly just gets better and better!

Props to you and your team! :heart: :muscle:


I completely agree with @StrangeTech.

Like the out of the box Cwicly thinking, innovation and the ad-hoc response to any bugs.

Thumbs up Cwicly team! :+1:


Just wanted to acknowledge how great the drag handles are. Being able to grab them from anywhere and snap them back is suuuper smooth.


@Louis this is so much appreciated! The custom SCSS integration is brilliant. I have been waiting for this implementation and wow did you deliver, well done :grinning:

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Everything has been said, but I have to say it too, EPIC update :muscle:
(Width presets bar and CSS media are priceless!!!)

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Great feature, does dynamic data support json?

Another important milestone, thank you and congrats :trophy:
More or less the perfect timing to introduce this.

It all has been said here, I agree with everything.
Tailwind integration to close this year would be the :cherries: on the :cake:

I’m really excited for what Cwicly has in store for us in 2024.

@Louis and team, you’re great. Breakpoints are the best I’ve ever seen probably. Thank you!

It might be worth adding vertical dimension highlights at some point. I mean displaying the screen size vertically to understand what kind of content a visitor will see. Although maybe this is more of a request for Figma than for Cwicly.

Thanks again, glad I found such a cool product.

The Cwicly platform and the team behind it are simply brilliant! You impress me more and more with every release. I LOVE that you are mentioning Tailwind integration again too as that will simply be a momentous day when that happens - I have even purchased Flowbite especially to use with Cwicly / Tailwind :slight_smile:
One question - will the breakpoint manager eventually also be able to cater for container queries (and not just media queries?) I understand this is a very new CSS feature and so may be some way off, but it would be great to know if this is also on the roadmap.
Thanks again guys - you really are amazing!

This is awesome. I’ve been waiting for this… the workflow and UI for managing breakpoints looks great and well thought… and the best part is that it works in SCSS too!