1.3.2 - Colour System and Dark Mode

Walkthrough :point_right:t2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmGkrGnAi8o

Hello everyone,

I am very happy to present another major release, 1.β€Ž3.2, which introduces a revolutionary Colour Management System as well as a fully integrated seamless Dark Mode.

Here are just a few features included in this latest release:

:art: Revamped Precision Colour Picker

:globe_with_meridians: Global Colour Management with custom variables

:art: Personalised colours for light and dark modes

:rainbow: 11-Point Palette Generator

:star2: Dynamic Modification

:crescent_moon: Dark Mode Integration

:wheelchair: Accessibility-Focused Design

:twisted_rightwards_arrows: Force Colour Scheme Selection

Global colours are now tracked throughout your templates and pages, which means that you can seamlessly update their variable names at any time (with a CSS regeneration).

This improvement brings a fundamental change in the way Cwicly manages Global Style Variations to allow for proper scheme variation.

Important: Style variation 1 will be maintained in the migration process while Style variations 2 and 3 will be lost. Please ensure that all the global colours you wish to conserve are placed in Style variation 1.

Thank you for your ongoing support and trust in Cwicly.

Find the full changelog at: 1.3.2

Have a great week.




OMG, color system looks insane, THANK YOU SO MUCH for this, trying right now!!!

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Again, hats off to the team… Congratulations…

This is so above and beyond!

The new colour system looks amazing! :+1: :+1: :+1:

Amazing @Cwicly - Cwicly is getting so good, Let us say thank you to the team

Remarkable work guys! :trophy:

Really thorough and complete implementation. Amazing flexibility, and incredible potential for a truly unique no-code experience.

I’m really re-evaluating how I implement my global color variables. I might be able to actually remove an entire stylesheet.

I’m really digging the direction you are taking! Thank you for the amazing work! :muscle:

Its mega! but is jump from 1.3.1 to 1.3.2 not a minor release? in fact if only the third number is summed up its just a patch or am i wrong? :slight_smile: major would be 2.0.0

If this is a Cwicly minor release, just wait until the major ones! :sweat_smile:

hehe jeah sure :slight_smile: i just meant preserving the nomenclature (real englisch) :wink:

Working well so far, but I see there is no eye-dropper to pick colours, as in the video. I’m using Safari on a Mac.

Same here on Mac with Safari

Hi @Noel and @msguerra74,

As our eye dropper is using the Chrome-based EyeDropper API , you will only have access to it using Chrome.

Hope this helps clear the confusion.

Thanks for the clarification.