Do not update from version 1.1. Please revert to a version prior to 1.1 before updating.

Please make sure to backup your existing installation or try the new version on a sandbox installation before updating Cwicly to version on a production site. If you run into any issues, please let us know.

Please regenerate Cwicly HTML once you have updated from the Cwicly Settings page (for existing installations only).

  • Fix: Changed rendering process from native Gutenberg to Cwicly generation

  • Fix: Query block would only render/repeat first block

  • Fix: Map block would crash when editing with the Site Editor

  • Fix: ACF background image/pseudo would make the editor crash

  • Fix: Button with animation would duplicate markup on frontend

  • Fix: Button animation would not show on frontend

  • Fix: ACF Gallery would have incorrect height

  • Fix: Gallery elements would be stretched when not enough space provided

  • Fix: Tooltip animation on frontend

  • Fix: Heading tags

  • Improvement: Optimisation settings available in the Cwicly Advanced settings panel

HTML Regeneration