Youtube / Video Thumbnail Lazy Load?

When using embedded video’s, I’ve noticed all of them take 110kb, which is quite a lot.

It would be great to either use own thumbnails (that I can then compress furher) or have an option for lazy load just like with images.

In the meantime, you can accomplish this with a speed optimization plugin like WP Rocket.

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Or use Matthias Altmann’s awesome script: Matthias Altmann • Code Snippet: GDPR compliant YouTube Videos


thanks a lot for both of these solutions @sunny and @yankiara !

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Or simply use the Div Overlay that’s available in Cwicly: Div Overlay - Documentation

GDPR compliant and completely customisable.


this looks perfect…! thank you for informing me/us

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Just to provide some further info for other viewers/readers:

If you use the Wordpress-basic video embed, it will, on arriving at the webpage, immediately load a 101kb file for each video’s thumbnail. This is annoying as preferably you’d have smaller sized thumbnails.

If you use the Cwicly-video embed, it will load a base.js file of 800kb and then again those 100kb thumbnails.

However, with the Cwicly-video embed you have the extra setting of using a ‘Div’ overlay that will install a div that needs to be clicked in order for the video below it to be loaded. Turning this on means that you can at once use your own thumbnail, and it also means the video will only be loaded after the div is clicked. So nothing is loaded except your div. After that it’ll load the video and the base.js of 800kb.

Unfortunately the above ‘fix’ does explicitly help the problem of loading (making it lazy loaded images as thumbnail), but it creates other problems:

For example once you click on the div, you have to click another time to start the video. So basically clients have to click twice to play a video which is of course not good practice.

I was hoping to solve this with ticking ‘auto play,’ which will automatically play the video once the div is clicked, but this causes extra problems when the client goes somewhere else and returns; not the video will always start playing immediately as the div overlay has been clicked (it won’t return after that first time).

Bricks implemented this recently.

? no offence but we’re on a cwicly forum here. i don’t have a bricks subscription

This was posted as a suggestion on how Cwicly should implement it, and not as a request for you to switch to Bricks.

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understood it now! apologies