X Skew/distort page on touch

I’m not sure if cwicly causes the bug, but even if not, perhaps anyone has an idea how to fix it? When I open my site https://test.sexualpaedagogik.at/ on different smartphone browsers and hold down touch and move to the right, the content can skew/distort to the right, whereupon after releasing it, it returns to its original shape. On chrome (android) also to the left possible.
I’m thankful for every idea :))


Hi @msteinlein,

Sorry for not responding sooner.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to reproduce this error on my side (android & iOS).

Could you possibly provide a screencast of this issue so we can have a better idea of what’s going wrong?
Thank you in advance.

@Araminta Absolutely no problem at all - thank you for checking on your end! I was able to solve it on my own - it was not a cwicly issue, I simply messed up the CSS :blush:

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I’ve changed the topic to a general topic, but I guess it would be better to close it or just change its status since it turned out that it was not a bug?

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No worries @msteinlein, I’ve moved this to general!

Thanks for letting us know. :slight_smile: