WPMUDEV + Cwicly

Hello, this is just a note, if you will have a more clients with WPMUDEV hosting.

It will be great if you could in the future somehow fix the styles and font issues with their hosting and firewall protection which is blocking Cwicly in many scenarios.

What’s the issue
When the WAV protection (see the screen below) is active the global styles are not saving once you save the page. Also, there are issues with custom fonts loading. Once the WAV is deactivated everything works like a charm :slight_smile:

Can’t move to another host due to their plugins and ecosystem involved.

Thank you,

Hello @petrbilek,

Thanks for bringing this up.
I’ll get in touch with them and see what we can do about this.

It is unusual as we use Cwicly on quite a few managed hosting platforms and haven’t encountered these issues with firewall protections.

Thanks again for taking the time to bring this up, and sorry for the inconvenience!

Sure, no worries. It is not big issue as I can anytime deactive it. But it will be awesome to find out the path for fixing it. If there is any.