WP iFrame editor for posts & pages

Saw in Gutenberg’s latest release (Release 14.9.0 · WordPress/gutenberg · GitHub) that they’re finally bringing the iFrame editor to posts and pages.


  • Post editor: Iframe for block-based themes. (46212)

It’s been the default editor in FSE, and they’ve been wanting to migrate it to posts/pages for a couple of years now.

Among other things, this will make switching between desktop and mobile breakpoints a lot more snappy, and will make it easier to see which element you have currently selected.

I’m sure it’ll also simplify a lot of CSS issues.

It should make it into WP 6.2, which is scheduled to be released at the end of March.


You must be very good at noticing things. I had read the same changelog but missed such a major change. Very productive change for every body.


Yes - this should be a great change. Really like the resize handles of the FSE editor version for moving between breakpoints.


Hah, I think I just got lucky. I saw that there was an update, and I’ve been looking forward to that one change for a few months now.

Same here!

Just a quick follow up on this:

It seems that the iframe will only be present if all blocks in the library use the v3 api.

@Louis, where does Cwicly stand in this regard?

Hi @StrangeTech,

This has been a tricky one to understand, and it still isn’t really clear what’s happening.
I’m a bit disappointed about the fact they haven’t been more consistent with their decision on this one.

From my understanding, the iFrame will only be reserved with the Gutenberg plugin active, looking at Post editor: revert iframed editor for WP core only (#48076) · WordPress/gutenberg@8a24a11 · GitHub

Yes, it appears this is another case of the grasp exceeding the reach… we were looking forward to this in WP 6.2 for a smoother more consistent editing experience for our clients.

Currently the 2 restrictions that make a difference are not being able to use metaboxes and requiring the Gutenberg plugin. It seems that will limit it from being used in a lot of cases in the short term.

Hopefully things will become clearer in time.

Hmm, didn’t know about that.
Was kind of confused when testing the beta but now it makes sense.

Their statement reads for me like WordPress is kind of a hobby project.

I understand their decision though and my take on this is that it will be (likely) a thing in v6.3?

Still, it’s bad news, as it will affect the development (plans) of Cwicly in some way, if I’m not mistaken.

Thanks for the share @StrangeTech.