Working with WPML: taxonomy name in button multiple filter isn't translated into second language


I think I might have discovered a little bug. I’m using WPML to translate the website to German. Everything works great except one thing: The taxonomy name (post category) in a filter block (button multiple type) doesn’t get translated on the frontend, on the backend the filter buttons get translated.

I used the taxonomy translation of WPML and it works fine in other places like queries. I also tried it with the string translation feature of WPML but there are only 6 strings avaible on the entire website, non of them related to taxonomy term names.

I can provide a link to the website per DM if you wish to.

Kind regards

Hello @MarcovB,

Thanks for the report and apologies for the trouble you’re experiencing here.

We will be addressing WPML bugs more specifically in the coming week as there have been a few reported lately.

If I may, can I get back to you in the coming days to get this sorted?

Thanks in advance.


Sure, it isn’t a high priority issue. The site is still in development.

Thank you for coming back to me and have a great weekend. :slight_smile:

@Louis, we are starting a migration of a WPML website to Cwicly in 5 days. If there are any features related to WPML support that you want to be tested, let me know.