Why the layout goes full width in single post gutenberg editor?


I use LazyBlocks.

  1. With Cwicly as FSE Theme & Plugin.

  1. Without Cwicly.

Can I have a different width for the back-end editor and the front-end?

Hello @dranzer,

This is because the width of the editor will base itself on the max-width property you have set for your Section block (if any) that contains the Post Content block on the current template for the post you are editing.

In this specific case, it would imply that your Post Content block is not contained within a Section block, which means that you post content will be full width on the frontend.

Or am I misunderstanding?

Yes. You are right about it. I will use custom css to make that particular block limit to a max width in the builder. I am not going to show that block on front-end. It’s just for entering data by my client which I use on the front end for individual posts.