White Label Cwicly Theme

Hi Cwicly Team,

Is there a way to white label the Cwicly theme (Name & Screenshot in the Dashboard) while maintaining the ability to run updates whenever Cwicly theme has updates? I’m handing over a project for a client and would like the theme details (name, etc) branded in the clients brand name etc without using any 3rd party plugin.

Great question, if this needs to be a feature request, I’d vote for it.

Hello @zagency,

Not tested thoroughly, but something like this should do it:

add_filter('wp_prepare_themes_for_js', function ($themes) {
    $themes['cwicly']['name'] = 'My Theme';
    $themes['cwicly']['description'] = 'A theme full of suprises';
    $themes['cwicly']['screenshot'][0] = '';
    $themes['cwicly']['authorAndUri'] = '<a href="">Me</a>';
    return $themes;

Thanks @Louis for that quick reply. The code worked on the backend as expected.

This might be stretching it, but is there any chance there is a way to also change the folder name when inspected from the developer console (see screenshot attached)?

I’m not aware of any solution for this.

If you can still do it, then I’d highly recommend going with a child theme and hiding the parent theme using the wp_prepare_themes_for_js filter above.

Thanks @Louis. Is there a child theme for Cwicly that i can customize and use. Also once I enable the child, will i loose any setting, data etc. that I should be aware of.