Which hosting and plugins do you use with Cwicly?

Hello overall, I’ve been using WPMUDEV but had so many issues with their Firewall protection and caching so I am looking for something else.

What hosting do you use that works really smoothly with Cwicly?
What SEO plugin do you use?
What Form plugin do you use?
Cache plugin?


Hi @petrbilek,

SiteGround offer a decent service depending on your specific needs. Overall, across the board with features the quality and stability is very good.

The only cons we notice are:

  1. All virtual plans have quotas based on inodes (number of files / emails), which can be limiting for certain types of sites. As Cwicly takes the place of many plugins and is very lightweight compared to other builders it works very well with SiteGround in that respect.
  2. Changing some settings requires raising a support ticket (e.g. turning off their WordPress autoupdate)

At o2switch, everything is unlimited: sites, files, emails, data, traffic — there are no quotas. The support is top-notch. The only con is that it’s a bit expensive.

Racknerd VPS and Gridpane control panel.

Amazed at the speed and stability. Plus I own my servers 100%.

Gridpane comes with the 7g firewall baked in plus a bunch of security features are available. Add in the fortress plugin and that’s all you will need.


I recently finished a US website on A2 hosting and it is blazing fast (Turbo boost plan / Litespeed).
No issue so far, can’t tell about support.

For France, o2switch is the way to go!
Great performances, Litespeed load balancer, top notch support.