Where to set Global Style of the paragraph-Tag

Hi All,
i am not able to find out where i can setup the global style for the paragraph-Tag:

thanx so much!

Setting the body style as you show in your screenshot will affect all paragraphs by default.

hmm you are right but its doing a lot more its setting the root-Fontsize for Body-tag which also is scacling all other elements font-sizes (cascading)…what i want is only set P-Tag…is that possible or do i have to add a individuall Global Style for this?

For this I recommend creating a global class (e.g. “post-content”) and adding a relative style for the paragraph. Then you can apply that class to the Post Content block in your Template, which will style all p tags (and any others you want to target).

Please see this thread for hints:

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ok cool i will check this out thanx!