Webflow conf 2023

Development of components in Webflow.
Maybe some idea will come for the future development of components in Cwicly.

@antonijo01, From a very quick scan of the video, it seems Cwicly already includes both of the mentioned features :smiley:

  1. Showing all component properties in a single view - this is a core feature of Cwicly components
  2. Slots: Cwicly has “Inner blocks” that allow you full flexibility in nesting
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Cwicly’s surpassing Webflow in so many instances.
Are they still blind to user feedback? Didn’t check for a while.

Great solution for enterprises with dedicated development departments though.
Still following their YT channel for entertainment purposes and none of their added features has really impressed me in the past years, also some weird decisions were made imo.

I’m not sure why this is, but Cwicly feels a lot more innovative to me, although one can cleary see that it’s inspired in some instances.

It’s the better Webflow for me and the fact that it’s WP based makes it even better.
Still missing appropriate Interactions though - no news since like forever :disappointed_relieved:

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