Virtual classes don't work anymore


since the last update I think the virtual classes don’t work anymore. When I create one and click it to edit the styles the class just gets crossed or disabled. I testet this behavior on two installs.

You can’t edit styles of a virtual class, since they are linking only to existing classes, picking up their styles.
You indeed can disable them with a click, but that’s a feature and not a bug.

Maybe you are mixing things up with global classes, but when creating a new one, it automatically transfers you into the global class’ editing mode without requiring another click, so not sure about it.

What’s new since the latest update:
If the virtual class is an actual class from another block (block class), you now can edit styles directly from the virtual class via the Quick Code feature.


thanks a lot for your explanation! I indeed got confused with global and virtual classes. Up until now I think I only used global classes so I didn’t understand what was going on :smiley:

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