Video background, sections scroll over it

Is it possible to mak a website with a video on the background, where sections scroll over?

I mean like this page:

One video that’s in a loop and is always on the backgroud. Even with scolling.

I like this idea.

How can I create this with Cwicly?
I searched for it, but couldn’t find a solution.

Thanks and keep up the great work!!

It is indeed possible of course. Create a Div and set the background image to your video. Add some custom CSS targeting the Div’s background image;
background-attachment: fixed;
Setting your bg image as fixed will achieve the parallax effect. Add another Div within that Div and set it to position absolute. Top: 0; Then add you desired heading within that Div. Here is a how-to;

Screenshot 2023-02-22 at 21.18.37


Thank you @hopscotch

I created it with Cwicly and Cwicly only. Hadn’t used Custom CSS.
But without “your” tutorial I didn’t had any clue for where to start.
Thanks again!

Happy it worked out for you :grinning:
Cwicly is a labyrinth of capabilities, very powerful.
If I can’t manage it in the Cwicly UI I just write it in Sass within Cwicly.

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