Video Aspect Ratio

I can’t seem to find the aspect ration option for the video widget. I watched a tutorial that showed the option but it seemed to be an older version of cwicly.


Hi there @webandwhat, sorry about this. You can find the video block’s aspect ratio in the Settings tab, at the bottom.
Let me know if this helps :slight_smile:

Weird, I do not have those options.

It seems that on mp4 the settings disappear.

@Louis, could you take a look at this please? Thank you

Hi there @webandwhat,

Thanks for bringing this up.
Indeed, this option didn’t make its way into the local source part of the video block.

Will look into this and should have it available in the next update!

Hi @webandwhat,

We’ve added the aspect ration property to the local source in
Thanks for bringing this up.

Excellent support! Very excited about the future of cwicly.