Vertical slider

I feel like I read something about this somewhere before, but I can’t find it, so I’ll report it here. I was playing around with the slider element and things seem to work as expected until I change the slider from horizontal to vertical. When it’s set to vertical, the slider slowly grows vertically seemingly infinitely. I noticed this a long time ago also, so either I’m not setting something properly, or it’s a possible bug.

Just thought I’d check back in to see if there were any additional insights on this.

In case you need a workaround, try to set overflow:hidden to the slide block or a direct inner div, in case you are using one.

This will fix the issue but might lead to design restrictions in some cases.

Not aware of your exact block structure, so you need to try your way through.

Thanks, I’ll test it out. I haven’t needed a vertical slider yet, but noticed the issue a while back when I was playing around with the options. I just want to make sure things are working when I do need them!