Various recent editor issues

** Cwicly Plugin version: **


Since recent updates, maybe 2, I have more and more editor issues appearing.

  1. Can’t save at all, Wordpress blue update button has no effect.


Don’t know if it is related, but here is the console output:


  1. Sometimes blue update buttons seems to update, but there is no change on frontned, and I have to click another time to actually save changes and see them appear on frontend.

  2. cwicly-global-classes plugin issue at editor load (pages or templates):


  1. License check appears a lot when idle on a page for a few minutes

  2. Some warning about deprecated element:


Sorry I have no idea how to reproduce or help you debug, I can’t seem to find any pattern…

Could be a server issue as well, but these problems appear more and more since recent Cwicly updates.

Hello @yankiara,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble here.
I personally don’t believe this is related to recent updates, although I could be wrong.

The deprecation notice is a simple notice and should not cause any issues.

This error seems to suggest a more specific issue, maybe with your database:

Could you possibly contact as soon as possible so we can take a look at this more precisely?

Thanks in advance.

We encountered these three times within the span of two days, approximately a week or so ago and haven’t seen them again since.

More like 10 times a day for first one and 5 for the second one on my side.

The cwicly-global-classes plugin error seems to appear after copy-pasting or class manipulation but I’m not even sure.

The license issue is pretty random, and actually not only with idle post, today, it happened 3 times while I was actually typing stuff.

@yankiara, this is definitely not good.

If this is a live installation and you can allow me to take a quick look, I’d really appreciate it.

So I have a little update on problem #2:

It seems it happens only when making changes in global classes styles.

After making a change, WP save popup correctly mentions a global class change:


And notification says “site udated”:


But after saving, frontend is not updated:


Then if I click another time on save button (which is still highlighted with white border like some change has been made and not saved):


Notification says page has been saved:


Then it is OK on frontend.