Updated custom CSS code in Stylesheet, not updating to frontend

I am using the latest version of Cwicly.
I am not sure if it’s a bug.

I updated my custom CSS in my global stylesheet, but the updated code did not reflect on the front end.

I previously had this code:
a {value}
a:hover {value}

Then, I added a class before the a then the code become:
.has-link a {value}
.has-link a:hover {value}

I then regenerated everything in the setting. But the front end still shows the old code. The class I added has not been reflected.

P/S: As the site is not live yet, so I don’t have any caching plugin activated.

Hi @jornes,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing trouble with this.

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to reproduce your issue on my end.

There might be a CSS error which could be preventing your stylesheet from being loaded on the frontend.
Could you possibly use this CSS checker, to ensure that the CSS you’re using is valid?

Thank you in advance.

Thanks @Araminta

I am sure the code is valid.
It was working fine. Here is the code.

In the builder


Not sure what’s wrong.
What I have added is just .has-links

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It was my problem. I figured it out when I had a further investigation. I forgot I had added the same custom code using the WPCodeBox plugin. That code was inheriting the styling in the stylesheet.

It’s fixed now.

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Hi @jornes,

Thank you for letting me know it now works as expected.
Glad to hear you managed to sort it out!

Moving this to general.

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Alright. Thanks @Araminta

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