Update Woocommerce to 7.0

This morning, I updated Woocommerce to version 7.0.
I got a critical error and I had to restore database.
Does anybody got the same issue?

Woo 7.0 is a major release. It also bakes in the new custom order table. Need to check the changelog for the changes. It might also be a compatibility issue with your woo addons. I’ll test today by updating to Woo7.

never update too fast unless you are on demo site. :face_with_peeking_eye: :face_with_peeking_eye:

I had no problem. The restaure ran well.
My purpose is to inform that I got an issue.
Some people may have lack of backup and it could be damageable to upgrade without precaution.
I do agree with @qiang814k but it is difficult to know when the update must be done.

@dranzer : please take us posted

@weedor there was something posted on Facebook as well from another user.

Maybe you want to check it out and help the team to get this resolved, as it seems they are not able to reproduce this issue.
But of course, I can’t say that it’s even related.

Hi there,
This morning, I tried again to update → no problem!
Don’t understand…but it’s done.