Unit Autocompletion with enhancement

I have a suggestion for the unit.

Cwicly has such an option to set Default Unit now. But I would like to suggest an idea to improve it.

For example, I have set px for padding and margin as the default unit. But, for some elements(not all), I want to use rem(instead of px) for padding/margin. I noticed a glitch with the current autocompletion in Cwicly.

In Cwicly now, when I insert 22rem on the largest breakpoints and switch to a smaller breakpoint, the unit shows px as soon as I type the value until I type the rem. So, I have to type value+unit in full to make that work correctly. That said, I will need to type the rem again and again when I switch to another smaller breakpoint.

The suggestion that I have is as per the short screencast below.

From the screencast, you can see a 22rem inserted on the largest breakpoint. When switched to a smaller breakpoint, the rem stays. I can insert the value on the smaller breakpoints without the unit. So the rem stays till I change the unit.

This will be a lifesaver.

Any feedback is welcome. :wink:


Hopefully it is an easy fix because it seems like a must have :slight_smile:

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Yes. A must-have solution for a smoother workflow. :wink:

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You are the man, @Louis :star_struck:

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