Unable to set headings for the mega menu block

Dear admin

It seems that the newly released mega menu block lacks the feature to set heading tags. Is there any way to change the heading tag structure according to preferences? Not being able to modify the heading tags will impact the silo structure for the website and affect SEO rankings.

In the image you sent, I tried to change the heading tag structure for “Home” from heading 2 to paragraph, but it was not possible.

Thank you !

Hello @NHViet,

H2 tags are applied to the modal section titles, and not the top level elements you are referring to in your screenshot (those are list items).
We could add an option for this in the nav settings.


Dear Louis,

I would like to convert that H2 tag into a <p> (paragraph) tag. Having the H2 tag inside a mega menu applies it to the entire website structure and all the articles, which is not ideal for the website structure I am using. Could you please guide me on how to convert the H2 tag to a <p> tag?

Thank you!

Hello @NHViet,

As pointed out in my previous message, this is something we can add to our next update.


Dear Louis

Thanks for your support !

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@NHViet, thanks for bringing this up :slight_smile: