Unable to Link Heading

From old feedback: Unable to Link Heading | Cwicly

Not really sure to call this a bug or feature request. But when adding a Cwicly header, the “Link” button is disabled and you cannot hyperlink the header.

I’ve noticed that when you set dynamic data for the Heading the link option is gone.

This seems important for using the Cwicly Heading in the Query Template so you can link to the Post URL (and then the Post URL needs to be an option to pick). Or enable the Link Wrapper for the Header block.


We have received a few comments about the heading block needing the link wrapper option.

While I am personally an advocate of <a><h1>, I know that the majority of users prefer <h1><a>.
Will certainly take a look at this.

Thanks for taking a look.

Probably the majority of other block plugin users expect to be able to add links to the Heading block, so it would be preferable to be able to do so by default if possible.
I anticipate frequent inquiries from new users about this.:thinking:

This is definitely a must have feature.

Thanks for adding!
Since I’m also "Team <h1><a>", I like the way it was implemented :sunglasses:

Very helpful. @Louis Thank you!